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3/27/2020 Secretary of State Answers FAQ's

The Illinois Secretary of State's Office remains closed for most services.  The agency has issued the following document in hopes of answering the many questions posed regarding driver's licenses and vehicle registrations.

Vehicles Services

Q: My license plates/vehicle registration expires soon (or expired recently).  What can I do while the Secretary of State's office is closed due to the COVID-19 health crisis?
A: Vehicle registration stickers are being extended for the duration of the disaster proclaimed by Governor Pritzker and 30 days after the disaster ends.  You may renew you vehicle registration sticker online at  Be sure to print out your receipt and keep it in the car until your sticker arrives in the mail.  In addition, law enforcement in Illinois and nationwide have been notified of vehicle registration extensions.

Q: I am in the military or traveling outside of Illinois and my plates/vehicle registration are expired.  How can I get them renewed?
A: Online renewals are available.  Credit card renewals by phone can be done at 217-524-3501.  Doing this online gives you a receipt that can be used as registration.

Q: I want to do an online renewal, but I need my pin number.
A: You can call either 217-785-4949 or 217-524-3501 during regular business hours.


*NEW TITLE FEE - EFFECTIVE 7/1/19 - $150*

*Registration/plate fees have increased a flat rate of $100 on January 1, 2020. 

Go to for more information.


Other Important Information - Read!

Please have your driver's license and payment ready when you come in.  You can't take the product home without payment in full. 

Sorry, we do not accept out of state checks.

Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex) are NOT the same as Cash.

For all credit & debit card transactions, the physical card must be present. Due to fraud, we will NOT manually enter or take a credit card over the phone for transactions over $500. 

For pin based Debit cards, please verify with your bank before coming about spending and/or per transaction limits. The Debit card needs to be physically present and you will need your 4-digit pin

A valid driver's license is required for all financing applications.

If you have questions about the fees or payment types accepted, please use the "Contact Us"   page or give us a call at 815-899-4340.


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