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Safety lane inspections are important for you to know and understand, unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what is required by the State of Illinois. We are not experts and this is not intended to cover every law, ordinance, or regulation and we are not giving you legal advice. If you have any questions, please contact the Illinois Secretary of State or the Illinois State Police. This document is intended to help you understand the basics.

A publication by the Secretary of State which covers a lot of topics, including safety lane inspections, is a booklet called “Illinois Rules of the Road: Non-CDL Vehicles” and is available as a PDF on the SOS website. If you search “non CDL vehicles” on the SOS’s website, it is the second search result. The following is excerpt from that booklet:
Mechanical Safety Tests

“Most second division and medical transport vehicles must have a Certificate of Safety before being driven on Illinois highways. Safety inspections are required every six months. Garages or service stations licensed by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) may conduct safety inspections. Second division vehicles not required to pass safety inspections include:

• Vehicles with a gross weight of 8,000 lbs. or less, provided any trailer being towed is 8,000 lbs. or less. {We read this to mean a Truck B plate towing a TC trailer plate.}
• Farm tractors, machinery and other implements.
• Vehicles owned or operated by the City of Chicago that display proof of ownership.
• Vehicles owned or operated by the federal government that display proof of ownership.
• Trailers with a gross weight of 5,000 lbs. or less. {This means TA & TB trailer plates.}
• Vehicles registered as recreational vehicles that display proper plates.
• Properly licensed antique vehicles.
• Specialized vehicles as defined by statute.
• Vehicles properly registered in another state.
When a vehicle passes inspection, the operator is issued a Certificate of Safety windshield decal and an inspection report. This decal must be displayed on any vehicle using public roadways.”


When do I need a safety lane inspection?
It is based on your plate type and each plate has a specific weight rating and range. An inspection is required on any truck or trailer “D” plate and heavier. A TC trailer plate may be required depending on what you are using to tow with. Truck B, TB trailer, and TA trailer plates are not required to be inspected.

How often do I need to get inspected?
Every 6 months; unless you have a DOT number and then it is for one year.

If my trailer needs to be inspected, does the truck towing the trailer need to be inspected too?

Where do I go if I need an inspection?
You need to go an authorized inspection station for your sticker and inspection report. There are two inspection stations located within 30 minutes of our location.

  • Bockman's Truck & Fleet - 112 Industrial Dr, DeKalb, IL 60115 (West of Peace Rd, South of Rte 38); Phone: 815-754-4200
  • Wasco Truck Repair Company - 40W381 Route 64, Wasco, IL 60183 (On the corner of Rte 64 & School Rd, just before McDonalds); Phone: 630-584-7818

What does it cost for an inspection?
Varies by location.  Please contact the facility for pricing.

When do I need a CDL? What if I have more questions?
Please contact the Illinois Secretary of State or the Illinois State Police. Their contact information is listed below. There is a lot information and resources available on their websites including “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Ask a Question” using email.

Secretary of State Contact Information:
Jesse White
213 State Capitol
Springfield, IL 62756
Toll-free within Illinois: 1-800 252-8980
Illinois State Police Contact Information:
Illinois State Police
801 South Seventh Street (PO Box 19461)
Springfield, IL 62794-9461
See Website for telephone directory

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